download and install

Download our Customer Service App here >  


Step 1. When you click on the download link you will see the download screen open in a new window.



Step 2. Agree to the download terms


Step 3. Save the install program to your desktop so it will be easy to find.


Step 4. Once the download has been completed it will show this confirmation screen.


Step 5. Locate the install program 'EcoPro' on your desktop and double click it to start the install.


Step 6. The install wizard will start. FOllow the prompts with the install..


Step 7. Ensure when it asks if you want to have a Desktop icon you leave it as yes (checked).


Step 8. Click Finish to complete.


Step 9. You will now have an easy to identify Desktop icon that will automatically take you to our Customer Service Area.

Feel free to delete the install program.


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